Precise Fat Removal with Liposuction

Published on October 30, 2019

You may notice that certain areas of your body have small bulges of fat. You can develop these bulges even if you have a healthy diet and you exercise on a regular basis. Areas like your upper arms, thighs, abdomen, and the region under your chin may be resistant to all the effort you put towards losing excess fat.

Liposuction can provide you with the precise fat removal you need to finely sculpt your body into the chiseled and fit figure you have been working towards. Liposuction uses a thin cannula that suctions out the fat with ease and precision. After the procedure, you should have noticeably enhanced body contours and a more attractive figure.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for your liposuction procedure. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jarrod Little can provide you with the beautiful and fit body you desire.