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Reconstruction Louisville

Scar Revision

Dr. Little has specialized training in scar revision and all types of skin cancer reconstruction. Dr. Little utilizes a variety of treatments to reduce the appearance of scars such as excision, laser treatment, fat grafting and injectable fillers. He also applies similar methods to cancer reconstruction procedures.

Breast Reconstruction in Louisville

Dr. Little is one of the few surgeons in the region who offers microvascular breast reconstruction following surgery for breast cancer. These options use your own tissue to create a new breast. It allows women to achieve superior aesthetic outcomes without the use of implants. Tissue can be transferred from a variety of locations:

  • Abdomen- DIEP and SIEA flaps
  • Hips- SGAP and IGAP flaps
  • Legs- TUG flaps

A DIEP flap is the most common method of microsurgical breast reconstruction after mastectomy. DIEP reconstruction involves removal of the excess skin and subcutaneous tissue (under the skin) in the lower abdomen (similar to a tummy tuck) and transfers this to the chest to create a new breast. The advantage of DIEP flap reconstruction is that the abdominal muscles are left in place. This generally results in less pain, less downtime, and fewer complications. Depending on the type of breast cancer, DIEP reconstruction may be performed at the time of mastectomy or after the completion of other therapy (chemotherapy and/or radiation).

These procedures require a dedicated team of surgeons and are only offered at a few select centers. Dr. Little uses only state-of-the art technology to ensure safety and to produce reliable results.