Mommy Makeover Louisville

The term “Body Contouring” or “Mommy makeover” is an umbrella term for the different procedures grouped together covering the different areas of the body.  These combined procedures allow patients to restore everything from below the breast to a time before pregnancy or weight loss. Many different aspects of the body can be addressed and the treatment of each of these areas is individualized per patient to ensure the optimal, long lasting result they desire.


Restoring the abdomen may require the need to assess different procedures. These options may include a full or mini abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, and muscle tightening. A mini abdominoplasty removes the excess skin and/or fat from below the belly button. As opposed to a full abdominoplasty, that may remove skin and/or fat from below the breast to below the bikini line as well as tightening of the abdominal muscles. Liposuction can be completed in conjunction with an abdominoplasty or maybe performed by itself. It can also be used to address fat along the waist line and back. This helps to create a flat tummy and restore the youthful hourglass appearance.

Often, pregnancy or weight loss does not just affect the tummy region. It can also affect the back and gluteal regions as well.  I offer options that address these areas separately or to be completed at the same time as treatment of the abdomen.  This may include “belt lipectomy” (360 degree abdominoplasty) and gluteal augmentation with a patient’s own tissue.  These procedures require healthy and motivated patients as well as will require some special attention in the post-operative period to achieve optimal results.  These procedures tend to be difficult but it is an area I have specialized in with great experience. Depending on the complexity of the individual, these procedures could be performed as an outpatient or may require an overnight stay at the hospital.

Thighs and Arms

Despite weight loss and vigorous exercise, many patients will retain stubborn areas of fat and excess skin in the arm and thigh region.  Reshaping the arms and thighs can be addressed with liposuction, a variety of lifting procedures, or a combination of the two. Choosing which specific procedure is best for you depends on whether the arms and thighs need to be tightened, lifted, or both. In order to achieve the optimal results with arm or thigh lifting procedures, it requires a healthy and highly motivated individual paired with my expertise.


Ensuring patient safety is the most important thing when considering any of these procedures. This requires adequate preparation and understanding. I treat all of my patients like they are part of my family. I always make final decisions by asking, “If this patient was a family member of mine, would I still recommend this procedure?” The result is that there are many people who are not good candidates for these procedures. In these cases, I am upfront and honest about my concerns just as I expect in return from my patients. I don’t believe in promising unrealistic expectations when it comes to the patient’s wellbeing. Nobody likes to perform surgery more than me however, a patient’s health outweighs the risks of a potentially unnecessary surgery. When choosing a surgeon, one should be completely comfortable and I would never perform surgery on someone who is unsure or indecisive.