Fat Grafting Louisville

Advances in fat grafting have transformed how we look at facial rejuvenation and correction of breast and body irregularities. Fat grafting uses removal of fat from unwanted areas and transfers it to areas that need contouring. Fat grafting can achieve longer-lasting results than temporary filling agents. Depending on the extent of the procedure, fat grafting can be performed in the office or operating room.

Mechanical Supplementation With the Stromal Vascular Fraction Improved Volume Retention in Facial Lipotransfer: A 1-year Comparative Study

Natale Ferreira Gontijo-de-Amorim, PhD, Luiz Charles-de-Sa, MD; Aesthet Surg J 2017; 37 (9): 975-985

Fat transfer procedures have demonstrated a wide variety of benefits in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The procedure involves the transfer of fat from one area to another. The transferred fat adds volume and may improve the surrounding tissue quality due to stem cells located within the adipose cells. There is no consensus regarding the method of transfer that will result in the best volume retention.

Lipoaspirate (fat from liposuction) was separated through a common procedure involving centrifugation. This yields 3 layers of tissue- aqueous, adipose, stromal vascular fraction (SVF). Patients undergoing fat transfer procedures either received fat alone or fat with SVF enrichment. Patients were evaluated by CT scan and subjective aesthetic outcomes. The different fat preparations were evaluated histologically.

No complications were observed. Fat that was enriched with SVF demonstrated an increase in volume retention versus fat alone. Patients treated with enriched fat demonstrated an improved subjective outcome. Histology demonstrated a large amount of stem cells within the SVF.

Fat transfer procedures including SVF are associated with improved aesthetic appearance and better volume retention.

Take-home message

Fat grafting procedures are a very powerful tool in plastic surgery. Fat transfer allows for increase in volume and may improve surrounding tissue quality. New methods may further enhance these results. Fat transfer is different than using dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are temporary and do not contain stem cells that are associated with tissue regeneration. Fat transfer is now utilized in combination with a variety of aesthetic facial plastic surgery procedures.