Facial Rejuvenation Louisville


For many years, face lifts were a uniform procedure involving stretching and tightening of the skin with lack of consideration for the individual needs. The issue is now a much more complex involving restoration and positioning of natural tissues, increasing volume of the face, or augmentation of the skeletal structures. This is a new generation of the face life which improves skin quality and is extremely individualized allowing for long lasting and more natural results.


One cannot discuss changes about the aging face without mentioning the intimate relationship of that with the neck. A youthful face with an aged neck looks out of place and unnatural. Different techniques such as skin removal, repositioning muscles, or redraping of skin are now used in the new generation of neck lifting. Much like that of a face lift, it is complex and individualized per the patient’s needs. Neck enhancing procedures are often performed while addressing the face to restore a natural and more harmonious result.