Scar Prevention Part 6- To Sum It Up

Published on August 24, 2014

As we have seen, there are many options for scar treatment and prevention.  Many of which are untested or unproven.  The choices are:  spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on unproven therapies, or, reasonable, cost-effective treatments which can provide excellent results. When recommending therapies to my patients, I have to go with what is safe and effective, based on sound scientific data.  In the end, it always comes down to what I would recommend for my own family-

1) Sun protection- All scars need adequate sun protection (sunscreen of SPF 30, with correct application) for atleast one year after surgery
2) Plain-paper taping of incisions for atleast 6 weeks
3) Scar massage
4) Finding a good surgeon to perform your procedure
5) Save your money for a vacation, away from cellphones, the internet, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

More to come…