Louisville Rhinoplasty Part 3-  Mountain Climbing and Noses

Published on September 28, 2014

What in the world does Rhinoplasty have to do with mountain climbing (besides frequent frostbite on the nose)?  Well, the different types of mountain climbing can illustrate the differences between types of rhinoplasty procedures.  Just follow me a bit…

“Alpine” style climbing is widely considered to be the purest form of mountaineering.  It involves simply climbing the mountain, without teams of people to help.  It uses the most direct route up a mountain.  It is the most difficult style and is difficult to teach.  Because there is no help, it has to use the quickest route to achieve the summit.  Summiting a mountain via Alpine-style climbing yields a different, and perhaps better form of success.  Few people are able to climb a mountain, Alpine-style.

“Expedition” style climbing is the more widely practiced form of mountaineering.  It involves a large support team to bring supplies and prepare the route up the mountain.  It often utilizes the easiest route (rather than the most direct) route to acheive the summit.  It is easier to utilize and teach.  Summiting a mountain via expedition-style is a success, but perhaps a different type of success than alpine-style. As we will see in the next few parts, Alpine mountaineering can be equated to Closed Rhinoplasty and Expedition mountaineering can be equated to Open Rhinoplasty.  More to come….