A Non-Surgical Treatment for Reducing the Appearance of Crow’s Feet

Published on May 12, 2017

When it comes to the face, our eyes are one of our more distinguishing characteristics. That is why aesthetic skin flaws like crow’s feet can have such a big impact on our appearance. These shallow age lines directly diminish the

Is Your Stomach Not Quite the Same After Having a Child?

Published on April 28, 2017

Having a child is a wonderful thing, but that does not mean it is an easy or gentle process on the body. Pregnancy causes multiple dramatic changes in your figure, and areas like your abdomen can be permanently weakened as

Why Is Breast Augmentation So Popular?

Published on April 17, 2017

On average, roughly 300,000 women per year will undergo a breast augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures available, and countless women have used breast augmentation to fulfill their body goals and satisfy their

Your Options for Scar Revision

Published on March 24, 2017

Do you have noticeable scars on your body that have you feeling self-conscious about your appearance? It may seem like there is nothing you can do to get rid of your scars and restore your quality of life, but there

Treating Children with Oversized or Malformed Ears

Published on March 10, 2017

We cannot control the way our ears grow. For many people, the size, shape, and appearance of the ears can be a major aesthetic issue, one that affects the way people see them and the way they feel about themselves.

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Published on February 24, 2017

Although the facelift procedure is the most powerful way to achieve facial rejuvenation, it is not an option for a lot of people, because not all people are comfortable with surgical procedures. At our aesthetic plastic and reconstructive center, board-certified

Restoring Your Breasts After Pregnancy

Published on February 9, 2017

Pregnancy places the body under a large amount of stress and creates multiple changes inside and outside of the body. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, you may notice that your breasts have lost their shape and firmness. This can give your

The Complications That Come with Oversized Breast Implants

Published on January 27, 2017

Some women who pursue breast augmentation are interested in receiving implants that are significantly larger than is natural for their body proportions. Although this is an aesthetic choice, there are many complications that can occur as a result of oversized

Mommy Makeover – The Total Body-Contouring Package

Published on January 13, 2017

Although having a child is a wonderful thing, it can put the body under a fair amount of stress. Massive fluctuations in weight and other factors can diminish your appearance, giving areas of your body a sagging and unappealing look.

What Is Open Rhinoplasty?

Published on December 23, 2016

Like a majority of surgical procedures, there are many different techniques and ways of approaching rhinoplasty. There are two ways to gain access to the nose: an open approach and a closed approach. The open approach is the more common