A Breast Reduction Can Reduce the Physical Symptoms of Oversized Breasts

Published on May 18, 2020

Physical Symptoms of Very Large Breasts

Women who possess extremely big breasts exhibit several physical symptomatic complaints – these constitute backaches, neck pain, as well as finger and hand numbness. Large breasts have also been linked to migraine headaches and breathing problems, including shortness of breath. Women with large breasts have complaints that they cannot engage in aerobic exercise and find common activities such as picking up their children difficult. They also say that sitting or standing for long spells is tedious. Having oversized breasts affects almost a million women in the United States, researchers claim. Many a time, women don’t make the connection between having large breasts and other physical symptoms, so they suffer just because of this lack of deduction.

Breast Reduction Surgery as a Remedy

While large breasts in women are often admired, but they can cause problems for many. The first solution a woman may think of is pain medication, and some even try physical therapy. Nevertheless, these only offer temporary relief, and the only sure way of getting rid of this chronic discomfort is to have breast reduction surgery. Those who have had the surgery find a life-changing improvement, claiming a total reduction in pain. Many techniques are available by surgical means, but the goal is the same – to reduce breast size and relieve the patient of a whole lot of pain. Daily functioning, thus, becomes possible with ease.